Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doin' the Rookie

Ever since he was a baby, we've really tried to encourage music appreciation in Finn.  We carefully selected happening music for him to listen to, we've taken him to concerts, and lately we've taken to giving him a three hour music education class during every trip to the cabin.  And he's totally into it.

I'm pretty sure.

I mean, during car trips now, he'll ask insightful questions about the bands that are playing, he'll ask us to describe why some music has lyrics while some doesn't, and he appears genuinely engaged

Of course, that's likely because he's learned that he can head off a three-hour music quiz merely by asking us what band is playing and then watching us smile at one another and discuss what a musically advanced and insightful child he is, while he goes back to quietly looking for dump trucks out the window and generally ignoring us.

Whether or not he really cares about the distinction between a jam and an instrumental (August 10th lesson), he's definitely always been into dancing.  From our tire-the-crazy-kid-out living room Queen "We Will Rock You" dance parties, to the silent head bobbing in his car seat, the kid likes to get down.

And it would appear that his younger brother/sister is no different.  Check out these moves*:

I wonder when it's the right time to start the music lessons, such as explaining the difference between country and bluegrass, for our little Astaire/Rogers?  And will Kitty appreciate me yelling this crap directly at her stomach?

I'll have to check the parenting blogs and get back to you.


* If you receive this via email and can't see the video, click here to visit the blog.  Prepare to get down.

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