Sunday, November 18, 2012


Despite all of his excitement leading up to his new school, Finn had a rough month or so once it actually started.  Getting onto a new schedule was one thing, but he was also having a tough time socially.  Part of that was our fault.  We thought we were being smart getting Finn into Reid's class at school, assuming that would help with his transition, but we didn't really factor into the decision the reality that Reid had a year head start on Finn and an existing set of friends in the class.

The result was weeks of crying about the fact that no one would play with him, that Reid didn't like him and all other types of heart-rending complaints that were difficult to hear, but completely (in retrospect) expected for someone going through a transition like this.  We did our best to let him work his way through this and not meddle, and now everything seems to be back to normal.  He and Reid have worked through whatever massive pre-K rift was coming between them and he seems to be doing a fair job of making new friends - something his teacher helpfully confirmed at our parent/teacher conference this week.

Yesterday, Finn and I were talking about friends and "best friends".  He informed me that he's got six best friends:  John, Reid and Eli from TinyTribe days, a new friend from school, and Bumblebee and Peanut Butter Schwartz.

All good on the first four.  Here are the last two:

They definitely look like best friend material, right?  Though I am surprised the little guy want to be friends with us after we gave him such an unfortunate name.  

In addition to have six best friends himself, Finn let me know that he was a best friend to lots of people too.  I asked him why that was and he told me it was because he was "famous".  Interesting.  I asked him why he was famous, but he wouldn't tell me.

Finn is currently in the basement playing with three of his best friends (John, Bumblebee and PB Schwartz).  Five minutes ago, he yelled up asking whether he could take his pants off.

Perhaps that's why he's famous.  Just like Will Ferrell...

Incidentally, when I yelled down that was OK, he immediately asked if John could take his pants off too.  After clarifying that we were all keeping our underpants on, I had no choice but to approve that request as well.

I hope John's parents are ready for his impending fame.

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