Sunday, November 4, 2012


What's more important:  getting a good head start on your Christmas shopping or successfully distracting a four year old from Christmas until the last possible minute?  

Kitty and I recently debated this point.  Sanity won out.  We won't mention Christmas until we absolutely have to - which may very well be tomorrow, seeing as how Rite Aid is already stocking ornaments.

I'm hoping that we make it through to Thanksgiving.  Trying to set the stage, I thought I'd check to see if Finn knew which holiday came next.

Me:  "Hey Finn, guess which holiday comes next?"
Him:  "What?" [sic]
Me:  "You know, the one where we eat turkey..."

Well, then.  That does sound nice, if not exactly correct.  Getting any sort of dinner reservation on Valentine's Day is a nightmare and then you just have to hang out amongst other couples who are out on Valentine's Day.  What better day to hang out with family at home eating a nice meal than Valentine's Day?  Unfortunately, I corrected him and told him it was Thanksgiving, after which we changed the subject.

On the way out to dinner, I figured I'd try again.  I'll cut right to the chase.


And so there you have it.  From now on Valentine's Day will include turkey.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to convince Kitty that the gift of gravy is more romantic than that of flowers or new boots.  

Wish me luck...

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Mommy said...

You might get a new baby for Vday. How romantic is that?