Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A couple of months ago I did something that I didn't really think was a big deal at the time, but in retrospect I'm not terribly proud of.  I was picking Finn up at Jena's and had double-parked in the alley.  While we were leaving, someone was waiting to get past my car.  I couldn't get Finn into his car seat quickly, so I planted him next to the gate and jumped in the car to move it.  

Unfortunately, I couldn't quickly turn around and had to circle the block - which took about a minute and a half.  Finn was still where I left him and some nice old lady was asking him how he was doing.  I waved and grabbed him and she mumbled something about calling the cops, which I laughed off.  It wasn't until I got down the road that I realized that maybe she wasn't kidding.  

I decided I wouldn't tell Kitty about this whole thing.  No sense worrying her about kidnapping/child endangerment/busybody old ladies.  Everything was going great until later in the evening when Finn sadly asked me to never leave him on the side of the street alone again.  In front of Kitty.

I'm not sure why he didn't bring that up in the car or ANYTIME before his mom got home, but... that didn't go well. 

In the end, both Finn and I clearly have things we need to work on.  I (have been informed that I) need to recognize that the sidewalks of West Seattle are probably not as idyllic as the back roads of upstate NY that I grew up on and need to keep a closer eye on my son.

But more importantly, Finn needs to work on keeping his big, fat, tattling mouth shut.

In the end, giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he really was upset at being left on the side of the road and wasn't just trying to passive-aggressively rat me out, the worst part really is that I scared him.

This bugged me for a while.  Until tonight, when he yelled at me that he wasn't going to be my friend anymore because I wouldn't let him have dessert.  

I'm starting to think that maybe next time I need to move my car, I'll take a couple of extra trips around the block...

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