Friday, May 10, 2013


Finn and I had a conversation the other day - during an evening walk that turned into a dash back for
the potty - that started like most conversations do, with a frank discussion about how no one pees out of their behinds.  We agreed on that point, until Finn reconsidered.  He had remembered that he did know someone who peed out of their behind after all.


This struck me as unlikely, of which I informed Finn.  He pointed out that we've never seen Bigfoot, so we can't be sure that he doesn't.  He stated that he believed Bigfoot had to pee out of his behind because he lacked both male and female genitals.  Which he referred to by their proper names.

We both thought on this for a while as we walked.

Finn reconsidered.  He was now convinced that Bigfoot was both a boy and a girl and that he/she undoubtably had BOTH sets of genitals.  Which he/she wore on his/her sides... like holsters.

This is where the conversation started to get weird.  Luckily this is exactly the point that we arrived back at our house, so I picked up the mail and Finn ran up into the yard on his way to the bathroom.

We haven't discussed this since, and I hope that we never talk about it again.

But you know that I'll be thinking about it.

All the time.

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