Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happiest Baby on the Block

There's nothing more annoying than a sleep-deprived, grumpy, crying baby that sits around all day pooping in its pants.  But enough about me, this post is about Edie.


For someone who spends roughly 15 minutes a day sleeping, you'd think that she would be grumpiest person in the house, but nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, the only thing in the world that appears to upset her is when we're trying to make her sleep.  While the lack of sleeping is trying (for Kitty), there is something extremely lovely about a baby that spends 95% of her waking time smiling and laughing.

This is not how I remember Finn but maybe it's because she's a girl.  Going into this, there were three things that I can say that I knew about girls:  they smell nice, they're expensive to acquire, and they never poop or fart.   I appear to have nailed the first two, but I was WAY wrong about that last one and I also missed one:  they're super-extra-happy.  At least this one is, so I'll just assume they all are.

It's not like we invest in her happiness.  In fact, quite the opposite - this being our second rodeo, we're focusing on the important stuff, like strollers that look awesome and have iPod speakers for rocking out and video monitors that allow us to lazily watch our child cry in her crib while we watch TV in the basement, instead of the stuff that we spent money on but never used the first time around, like health care.  And car seats.

And she seems to dig it so much that she just can't help dancing for joy, as shown here.

Don't watch that for too long.  It has been shown to cause nausea & seizures in lab mice.  Seriously.

Of course, do you know who isn't upset by nausea & seizures?

That's right:  Nikki Sixx.  Nothing bothers him.

And do you know who's not bothered by Nikki Sixx?  That's right:  Edie Parker, the happiest Motley Crue Fan on the block.

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