Sunday, May 5, 2013


Let there be no mistake:  I love my son very, very much.  He has become the funniest person I know (occasionally intentionally)
and he continuously motivates me to become a better father, husband and person.

And he is driving me freaking nuts.

Before Edie was born, I was stressed out that Finn and I would struggle to find Daddy/Finny time once the baby was born.  Now I struggle to find an industrial solvent strong enough to remove him from me.  No longer do we need Daddy/Finny time, now we need Daddy Quarantine time, where I can find just a few minutes to hide out and remember what it was like to be a grown up.  Preferably with baseball on TV and  beer.

I blame Angry Birds.  Finn is severely addicted.  I'm sure he's got scar tissue on his brain from the EMF's that the iPad & iPhone are constantly beaming in there while he fires bird after bird at those despicable little pigs.  "Daddy, can we play Angry Birds?" is the first thing I hear in the morning and the last thing I hear before bed.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be the first complete sentence that he'll ever post on The Twitter.

If Edie knew how to work her fingers, I'm pretty sure we'd have her looped into this party as well.  But until then, all she needs to do is sit there, smile and make all of the old ladies that stop by to ask what this baby is doing unattended while Finn and I play on my phone like junkies nearly keel over from cuteness overload.  That, and poop like a baby hippopotamus.  Which, incidentally, she is AMAZING at.  Daddy/Edie bonding time consists in large part of me hunting for poop in all of the sneaky places that girls can hide things - so many more wiping rules mean more time for us to really get to know each other.

I know that I'm going to look back on this someday and remember the playing of Angry Birds with him cuddled up in my arms for hours on end as the most amazing time of my life and that I'll miss it so much that it will hurt.  But for now, I just miss the halcyon days when he would bug me to watch TV in the basement.  By himself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back on everything that I just typed.  I just downloaded a new Angry Birds and I need to go find Finn and see if he wants to play.  I need some Daddy/Finny time.

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