Saturday, January 25, 2014

Laugh it up, fuzzball

I'm happy to report that after little more than three weeks of on again, off again construction, we have finally finished the Death Star.  The Emperor would not have been pleased with the rate of construction, but I think that Finn and I are pretty happy.

The best part is that unlike the majority of Lego sets that break apart the minute you try to play with them, the Death Star is a fully operational battle station.  Due to its sturdy construction, I don't need to spend my time alternating between putting it back together and screaming at Finn not to touch it.  What does he think this is?  A TOY?!?

So that's nice.

Rounding out the new Star Wars collection is a life-size version of the Millennium Falcon, handed down by some friends who apparently were looking to downsize their starship hangar.  It's awesome.  It fires real bullets, has real afterburners, drops awesome quotes at the press of a button, and comes with all of the accoutrements & smuggling compartments of the original.  Unfortunately, the one thing it didn't come with are action figures, which has forced us to get creative.

As cool as it is, there's something not quite right about Woody-From-Toy-Story Solo taking on Doc-From-Cars Vader in an epic battle of good against evil.

But what else are we gonna do?  Talk?  Considering that Finn's idea of stimulating conversation these days goes something like this: "By the way, speaking of pants, do you mind if I take off my pants?", I think we'll make do with this.

"Lightning McQueen, I am your father."

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