Saturday, January 18, 2014

Up and Down

This week has been one of dramatic highs & lows for Finn.  It started out gangbusters.  One of our infantile friends decided to pay back a debt with an enormous novelty check, since nothing that these people do can ever be serious and/or productive.  Since my Chase Bank iPhone app wouldn't let me deposit it (jerks), I signed it over to Finn.

He even happier with this than he was with the $80 in nickels which were used to pay me back last time.  Thank goodness Grant invests so much time, money & energy in kind-of-paying-me-back.  Finn really appreciates it.

Alas, the good times didn't last.  Before he could spend a dime of that windfall on giant novelty candy and/or Legos, Finn was suspended from the school van with a dreaded pink slip.

Seems he was spitting paper.  Given that spitting is the primary form of communication in this house for the under-6 set, this is not surprising.  We were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and pin the trouble on another kid, assuming he was just following along like the little weak-willed child that we're trying so hard to raise, but he was sure to set us straight.  He started it.

That honesty & accountability will serve him well in life, but since the van suspension meant that Kitty had to drive him to/from school, we had to dock him his allowance for the week to pay for gas (he has no idea how much gas costs, so we really stuck it to him - sorry Future Finn).

Good thing he's still got that enormous check.

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