Sunday, July 27, 2014


Finn started walking at about 10 months, while Edie didn't start until she was exactly one year.  Edie's got a vocabulary that would put many of my peers from the Penn State School of Communications (I'm looking at you, football team) to shame, whereas I don't remember Finn having this many words until he was well beyond two.

But there's one thing that they're pretty much exactly aligned on:  looking adorable naked in backyards.

Finn - Summer 2009

Edie - Summer 2014

Not pictured:  Edie immediately topping her brother by pooping on the lawn, followed by Kitty chasing her around with a little blue plastic bag.  

Not because I didn't want to picture it - I was just too busy laughing to frame the shot.

Ah, summertime.

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