Thursday, August 21, 2008


Life in the Parker house (a.k.a. Mudville) has been kind of dull lately, since we appear to be in between milestones. The boy is still rolling over (yawn), grabbing his feet (booooring) and laughing (I wonder if Quantum Leap is on?). So it was with great relief that we learned yesterday that Finn has hand, foot & mouth disease, which we shall refer to as Coxsackie. Why Coxsackie? Three reasons:
  1. It sounds dirty. In a bathroom humor kind of way. And I like that.
  2. Someone else already stole the other angle that I would have used to make the funny. I hate that.
  3. Plus, it's actually the name of the virus that causes hand, foot & mouth. Look it up. What are you waiting for? A link?
Anyway, as far as Coxsackie (now you say it) goes, it looks like we've got a mild case. His sores must not be bothering him too much, since he still has plenty of energy to shatter everything his idiot parents leave within his reach. We're keeping him doped up on Tylenol drops to manage the fussiness, so it's been relatively easy so far1. Of course, he is throwing up on me like I'm an IHOP waitress working the night shift in a college town.

Waiter. I mean IHOP waiter.

The plus side is that I was already planning on working from home yesterday, to help out our wonderful daycare providers who have just adopted an adorable little girl named Layla. This then gave me the opportunity to spare the rest of the daycare from the dreaded Coxsackie and to have the time to take Finn to the doctor.

Informed that he was not going to die from his affliction, he spent the day answering my emails with the poor grammar and clipped sentence structure befitting a true captain of industry. Since I couldn't get any good pictures of the boy's little happy-spots, due to poor lighting and an excess of vomit, here's a picture of him helping me work.

He looks real sick, doesn't he? Faker.

In other news, the Ninja got weighed again at the doctor and he had gained an astonishing 1 lb. in 10 days, thanks I suppose to the rice mush. 1 lb. in 10 days. We better get fatso on a diet ASAP.


1 Jinx.

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