Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pass the cold, please

This past week has been very snotty for the Parker household. For the last month we've been perfecting a new game called Pass the Cold and last Monday we got really good at it. I had always heard that daycare was going to turn our house into a petri dish, but I didn't expect that it would start on Day 1.

Of course, it doesn't help that the Ninja's latest move is "Put it in My Mouth." He's not all that great at grabbing stuff, mostly because he still operates his hands like a possessed televangelist, but when he does get a hold of something, you better believe that it's going in his mouth.

To try to counter the crap he's inhaling, we've started bathing him more. Which isn't hard, considering that we used to only wash him about once a quarter. He didn't used to like it so much. Lately, however, he's really taken a shining to it.

Behold the Ninja as he discovers splashing. I recommend putting on a slicker before clicking Play.

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