Monday, August 4, 2008

Hose the nose

For the last month or so, the Ninja has been dealing with a stuffed up nose. He's got abnormally small nose-holes, so any snot at all makes him sound like Randy eating dinner every time he breathes. To help alleviate his congestion, we've implemented a strict regimen of nasal spray and nasal bulb syringe therapy.

Incidentally, if you clicked that last link, I think you should know that the baby in the clip is really just a tiny little adult actor. There's no way any baby is going to take that kind of intrusion that well. At least, ours doesn't. Perhaps it's the lack of Kenny G's smooth sounds in our nursery, but the moment he sees me grab the nasal spray, he commences heartbreaking crying until I've successfully extracted the three pounds of snot from his tiny little nose.

Aside from the cries, it's oddly rewarding pulling that much crap out of his face. Unfortunately, it's hard to pat myself on the back while I'm bouncing around like an idiot trying to calm him back down.

Finn: If you ever read this blog, know that Daddy is very sorry for the discomfort that he caused you. Know also that it was all Mommy's idea.

In other news, the boy and the bluebird have broken up. Don't worry, he's getting over it with his new animal friend, Hootie. And by getting over it, I mean stuffing Hootie entirely in his mouth. Hootie seems OK with that part. Apparently only the Dolphins make him cry.

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