Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ninjas of the Caribbean

Anyone who knows anything about Ninjas knows that they really don't like pirates. So it was with great trepidation that we agreed to go out on Rob & Holly's new boat last weekend, not entirely sure that Finn wouldn't ruin the day by picking a fight with one of the Seafair Pirates on Lake Washington.

Luck was with us and we didn't sight a single Jolly Roger. We did, however, sight a hilarious little boy in a life vest. Doesn't he look pleased with the situation? Notice the convenient handle. That was really the selling point for the vest. That and the ducky.

We were initially concerned about bringing the boy out on the water, but we saw a video that totally erased any fear we had. We didn't get to test out his new techniques, but that's probably a good thing. We'll save those moves for the next pool party we're invited to. That trick will make us the hit of the party for sure. Push. Splash. Awesome.

Any day on the water is a good day. It was overcast (because it is Seattle, after all), but that just meant we had the whole lake to ourselves and we didn't have to worry about frying our little albino sailor. Finn didn't look entirely comfortable in the life jacket, but that might have been Uncle Rob's driving.

We'll have to try again next weekend just to make sure.

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Great video!