Thursday, August 14, 2008

Episode 3: Nosh with the Finns

Sorry it has taken me a while to get out part 3 of our North East adventure but a head cold got the better of me last week, and everybody loves a summer cold. N’uf said.

We last left off with the Parker family wedding. My Mom and my 12 yr old niece Caroline were with us in MA babysitting, which allowed Woody and I to celebrate the wedding in style1. Thanks Mema and Caroline! On Sunday after the brunch we were all headed back to CT to see the Finn clan. After a quick stop for beer and wine before we crossed the border, Woody roared us off to CT barely containing his glee at being amongst aggressive, cutthroat drivers again.

My nephew Sam met us at the car when we pulled up to my oldest sister Kelly’s house in West Hartford, CT. He had been waiting a long 4 months to meet his first and only cousin. Sam has made it his lifelong goal to annoy his sister Caroline and he was more than ready to recruit some new blood for his cause. Kelly has been providing us with updates on his excitement over the fact that Finn turned out to be a boy (bonus) and how he is planning to teach him all his tricks, “but if he steals my act, then he’s out” Sam warns. Below is the letter Sam wrote to Finn in anticipation of his arrival.

Finn’s middle name is “David” in memory and honor of Sam’s and Caroline’s Dad. Now from what I hear, David was quite the troublemaker himself when he was young, so we all better watch out for Sam and Finn in the future. I think we all figured Sam would be bored with Finn once he realized that he doesn’t do much yet, but he surprised us all by wanting to be wherever Finn was, even holding the monitor during his naps and keeping us updated on his status. With Sam on watch we could relax into our wine and beers and enjoy some QT with the Finn Fam.

Caroline, who I like to call my “mini me,” was the perfect babysitter. At 12 she really has been waiting a long time for a cousin and she made sure to tell Finn how cute he was every chance she got. The kid likes compliments, just like his Mommy.

Some notable highlights were Finn experiencing his first thunderstorm with Kelly and Brian on the veranda (he actually may have been napping but we were psyched!) and some quality pool time at Mema’s. With only 5 days of summer in Seattle we seize any and all chances to frolic in the water. Finn got to go in up to his knees and dive off the high dive but that's where we drew the line.

Another highlight was Finn’s fancy dinner with Big Finn (Grandpa). We expected a meltdown with the time change and the late hour, but Finnja was enthralled with Grandpa Finn. He was anxious to start training Finn in the art of, well, being a Finn. Trust me there is a lot to learn but it's mostly "on the job training". Finnja excelled; he charmed the pregnant waitress and even offered to pay the tab, but his Baby Amex black card was declined. We think he discovered online gambling. Just try to take that toy away from him. Trust me no one will sleep, just like in Vegas.

One really cool thing I've noticed about delivering a Grandkid is that you get to see your own parents with your baby and get a glimpse into how they were with you. Not to get all sappy but that really is a sweet thing to see. When Mema took Finn off the car roof where he had been strapped and his hair was all mussed up, she cooed and sang to him as she patted his fauxhawk down. I just melted. Just kidding Child Services, just making a funny. The trip was great, but too short as always. Luckily babies change at lightning speed so my family got to see Finn discover his feet. I suspect he was taking advantage of being out of his bulkier cloth diapers and into his streamlined disposable travel diapers.


1 My favorite reception moment had to be when Woody dropped me on the dance floor. Luckily no one saw it, except for, gee, the nice older couple sitting with us at brunch the next day. Oh right, that’s where that bruise on my foot came from. Luckily there were mimosas. Nobody puts Kitty in the corner!

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