Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here are a couple of things that I learned from the Internets today:
  1. Jena runs a sweatshop - or as she puts it, a "meaningful jobs" shop
  2. Finn knows how to use a fork
Check it out:
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The fork thing is the more surprising of the two - because I think we all knew what was really going on in Scott & Jena's basement - insofar as I had come to believe that the only proper use of a fork in Finn's hand was to hit me in the face during dinner.

Things are going to get much more complicated for Finn, now that his true cleaning & eating capabilities are out in the open. Thank goodness someone is teaching this kid some life skills, because it sure ain't happening on my watch.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

... does it come in "Lightning McQueen" red?

"Oooh, that's a nice bag!"

- overheard as Finn opened the computer and noticed the website Mommy had last been looking at; clearly this was a set-up job

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like Pulling Teeth

Here's what I learned last week, aside from the fact that 38 is a boring birthday: taking your three-year-old son to the dentist is worse than going to the dentist yourself. And lest you think that's because he was difficult, allow me to clarify: he didn't mind in the least. Now, he wasn't as excited this time as he was the first time we went, when he spent the next two weeks begging me to take him back to the dentist so he could play with their toys, but he still didn't bat an eye. He was cool as a cucumber, following everyone's instructions and never once complaining or crying.

I - on the other hand - was freaking out. Just watching the incredibly nice hygienist lady move in with her torture tools had me squeezing Finn's hand more for my benefit than his (see: white-knuckled hand in accompanying picture).

I suppose this is my karmic payback for taunting my parents' dentist friend by calling Finn's baby teeth "training teeth" and telling him that brushing isn't important because they're going to fall out anyway, as I fed him another lemon.

Despite my utter disregard for my son's oral health, his teeth are fine. All screwed up alignment-wise, just like his daddy's, but take it from me that a lifetime of orthodontia leaves one with a comforting humility and healthy sense of humor. You never take yourself very seriously again after you've had to wear the Frankel:

Of course, I can imagine that the only worse than wearing the Frankel is paying for the Frankel. I wonder if I've still got my old one laying around...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whose birthday was it, anyway?

So it was my birthday on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure Finn had a better day, since he got to tour Zeek's pizza.

That totally beats my day, where I was showered with such deep thoughts as: "Just so you know, you are now equidistant from being legal to drink (21) to getting your AARP card (55)."

Thanks Dave.

For more of Finn's pizza tour, check out Jena's excellent blog here.

I'm pretty sure daycare wasn't this cool when I was three.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

... because, you're about to find out

"Finn, do you know what PMS is?"

- Overheard in the bathroom tonight as Kitty was trying (unsuccessfully) to get Finn to brush his teeth