Monday, December 19, 2011

"Most People Call Me Finch"

As I sit here typing this, my shoulders are killing me from the epic weekend that Finn and I spent together.  With Kitty otherwise occupied, Finn and I spent the time alternately ice skating (with TinyTribe), on waterslides (at Great Wolf Lodge with Max and Tatman), or jumping on humongous inflatables (at Pump It Up for Theo's third birthday party).

The waterslides were probably the most epic, being that they were Finn's first and the Great Wolf Lodge is like Vegas for the pre-drinking set (and for the drinking set, given that they let you bring your beer right up to the edge of the pool), but I think it's that last one that did my shoulders in.  Finn didn't want to do the inflato-slides himself, probably still smarting from getting tossed around on the waterslides, so I was forced to embrace my inner three year old and bounce along with him.

Unfortunately, my inner three year old is surrounded by an outer thirty-eight year old.  Ouchie.

After a couple of days like that, what we all need is a nice mellow weekend... which we are absolutely not going to get any time soon.  Our dining room is filled with boxes - a move that I am certain we will not be getting away with any time in the future ("Yes, Finn, Santa drop-ships some of his stuff here to save on fuel costs.") - our front yard is filled with Christmas lights, and Finn's bed is filled with a squirming ball of anticipation that no longer wants to go to sleep.

He also continues to struggle with this whole holiday spirit thing, despite our attempts to instill it in him by force.  His G'parents and I took him to the Children's Museum the other day, where after having multiple requests turned down in the gift store, Finn informed me that he "wasn't going to deal with me, because [I didn't] have any money."

Of course, I'm not putting too much stock in what he says these days.  He also informed me this weekend that most people call him "Finch".  When pressed for the names of the folks who call him Finch, he would only reply:  "most people."

Perhaps I'm not giving him enough credit.  This may all be misdirection.  After all, "Finch" is bound to be a in a better position on Santa's list than Finn...

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