Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Blessings

Christmas is the time of year to enjoy the blessings of family, good food and good health.  To that end, we've already enjoyed several noteworthy blessings this holiday season that we'd like to share with you.

First off, Kitty's mom is visiting and was kind enough to prepare not one, but two enormous pots of chili for us!  This was particularly helpful, given that I smashed a glass vase directly into the first pot just as we were preparing to serve it!  We were then immediately blessed with pizza instead of trips to the Emergency Room.

Secondly, Kitty's sister Nicole and her brood are also visiting, with cousins Leni & Josie joining Finn & Edie in destroying the house like only sugared-up little kids can do on Christmas.  And by that, I mean spending the last 12-hours projectile vomiting all over all of the bedding and towels in the house.  Aunt Nicole was so excited that even she joined in the fun!  The makers of 7th Generation laundry detergent will also clearly be blessed this holiday season.

I hope that everyone else is having just as eventful a holiday season.  Who knows what tonight and tomorrow will bring?  Hopefully the Bumpus' dogs will stop by to join in eating our short rib dinner or perhaps our cat will enjoy a nice snack of Christmas lights under the living room chair.

Even if none of those things happen, it's sure to be a Merry Christmas.  Here's hoping that you and yours are having even half as much fun.

Merry Christmas, from the Ninja & the Rookie.  And everything that formerly occupied their stomachs.

Fa ra ra ra raaaaaaa.

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