Monday, November 25, 2013

King of the Finns

If this isn't love, I don't know what is
Things that I learned from Finn over the weekend, mostly while watching football on TV yesterday:
  1. The most powerful kinds of guns are nuclear steam guns.  These are apparently really, really powerful.  Like one hundred times powerful.
  2. To load a nuclear steam gun, you just grab some atoms and pour them in.  Like in a BB gun.  This is apparently safe and will not result in hand cancer.
  3. Finch (Finn's imaginary nickname) means King of the Finns.  In the same way that Tyrannosaurus Rex means King of the Tyrant Lizards.  I'm no etymology expert, so I'm just going to have to trust him on this one.
  4. You can tell the name of the football team just by looking at the pictures on their helmets.  It never fails; you really can't go wrong.  Finn was most excited by the Magnets v Woodpeckers game on Sunday.
Unfortunately, he nearly lost me before any of this began.  We turned on the TV to figure skating and before I could change the channel (but after I shrieked loudly), Finn informed me that he loves figure skating because it's just like football, only they play it on ice.   Intrigued, I decided to watch for a minute.  Maybe I've been watching it wrong all of these years.

Unfortunately, the 97 lb. Russian girl in the pretty sequined dress never laid a hit on anyone and so we eventually changed the channel so we could watch the Green Footballs take on the Pelicans.

I can't wait until next Sunday. 

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