Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Lights with Aunt Stacy (by Finn, translated by Aunt Stacy)

It’s been about a month since Aunt Stacy was over, and I’ve changed a lot. Let me set the scene:

It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Friday after a long week of wooing the babes. Chicks dig me. It’s in the stars. Enter: Aunt Stacy at the tail end of dinner time. While she missed the Feeding Olympics that is meal time ‘round these parts, she got to see the aftermath, and let me tell you, I think she was impressed. I gave her a little smile with a mouth full of rice, and the girl actually swooned. She’s so toast. And I just buttered both sides.

Mom gave the reminder low-down on the Finnja Night-time Ritual, and then off to dinner they went, with grand Bye-Bye Rituals all around. Then it was time to impress Aunt Stacy with all my progress since she was last here:
  1. I’m walking! And it’s so much fun! I like to put my hands up over my head as I jaunt around – it helps me keep my balance, and it impresses the ladies.
  2. I can say “Da-da” and demonstrated this when The Rents were leaving. Mom seems to tolerate this, since she knows I think she’s the bee’s knees.
  3. I’m much more snuggly than the last time we had our date night. Mom & Dad think this is their date night. Ha! (See: Babes, wooing of.)
  4. I can sing along to some of the songs on my Leap Frog Fridge DJ, and like to bounce up and down to “Old MacDonald” while Aunt Stacy sings the actual words.
  5. I have more teeth, and rockin’ hair, and am so cute it’s ridiculous.
After a half bottle of the house milk on tap, we had some living room play time. I really like my new wood stool that has the letters of my name as puzzles pieces on the top. I told Aunt Stacy that I made it, and she nearly fainted from awe. She digs me.

We hung out a bit in the kitchen, too, playing with my toys in there, and I sat on her lap as we read my “First Words” book a few times, and I even helped turn the pages. I rock. She showed me a magic trick on how to turn the pages by themselves. I’m going to use this at school and impress my friends.

Around 7:35 we went upstairs for play time in my room. We did a few laps in the laundry basket that mom showed Aunt Stacy. A couple of pillows in there for me to sit on, and that thing zooms around like a race car. Love it! We played with my cars for a few minutes, but I really just wanted to be held and have snuggle time.

She got the hint, so it was wet diaper change and into my sleeper sack and time for books. See, this is where I really have her. This girl could read for hours -- it’s awesome. We read The Hungry Caterpillar, a book about fireflies, Hop on Pop, another Dr. Seuss book, Where the Wild Things Are, and my favorite ending book: Goodnight Moon.

What more does a boy need: To get his Friday Night Lights on with his Aunt Stacy, have snuggly time in my rocking chair, with my binkie and Hootie the Owl, and a library of fascianating reads. It seems Aunt Stacy was able to figure out the swaddle this time1 and within a few moments, by 8:15 p.m., my eyes were closed and I was all “Peace Out”.

My name is Finn. I’m a baby ninja. That’s how I roll.

1 Ed. note: OK, maybe we're not entirely done with the swaddle. So sue us. Or better yet, sue Aunt Stacy.

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