Sunday, February 8, 2009

Know when to fold 'em

Here it is over a week after the last post and we're still sick. I suppose this is what we deserve after nearly 4-months sans sickness, but 3-weeks of alternating cold & nausea does not a happy household make.

The one bright spot that we had been looking forward to was kicking some serious baby butt at PEPS yesterday. We didn't get nearly the amount of training that we had hoped in, but we were still confident that at 10-months, the Ninja's 4-step stumble would put him in position for gold in the monthly PEPlympics. Particularly because only two other couples were coming.

Boy, were we wrong.

Sam (pictured below towering over his less evolved playmates) came running in the door and proceeded to walk/skip/hop around the house the entire time, only dropping to his butt long enough to place Finn's delicious toys into his mouth. That immediately forced us into defensive mode as we quickly tried to rewrite the rules of the competition. We tried to declare Finn winner of his age group, which would have protected him against Zoe (who is at worst, his equal) but that wouldn't fly against Sam either since he's only a week older.

In the end, we had to concede. It's clear that PEPS is a lot like poker. The three that showed up this month all had a hand to play, since the kids were all mobile. The problem is that we went all-in with our mediocre hand and were crushed by Sam's nuts.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

It's safe to say that we're going to be playing our cards a little tighter from here on out, keeping an eye on who's in each week before committing ourselves. We took Finn to the pool last week for an intro to chlorine, so maybe if we play this right, he can be the first baby with athlete's foot.

Try and call that hand, Sam.

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