Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great Grandma Parker

Grandma and me, June 1973
Tomorrow is Finn's first day of kindergarten, and while that is bound to be an emotional day in the
Parker household, I'm going to defer getting into that so I can cover another emotional topic:  the passing of Finn & Edie's great-grandma Parker this weekend.

She picked an auspicious day to leave us - her 99th birthday.  I think she was embarrassed by the thought of Willard Scott reading her name on live TV and opted out a year early.

Meeting of the Edies, Summer 2013
Not surprising for someone who came from a time in which it was proper for an expectant couple to push the car out of the driveway on your way to the hospital before starting it so as not to raise a fuss with the neighbors with so indelicate a topic.

Alex, Finn & Grandma, Summer 2011
So here's to the Original Edie Parker, whose culinary mastery introduced the world to the now iconic dish of French Toast and Hotdogs (served mixed together in bite sized pieces) and who loved nothing more than to have her grandkids laying on the floor, watching the Boss Hogg show on TV (Boss being the real hero of Hazzard County on accounta sharing her maternal last name).

I hope that in Heaven, no one says that they hate anything - they merely "don't prefer it" - and that MTV is nowhere on the channel listings.

Rest in Peace, Grandma.

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