Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Wish

One of the many fantastic things about having a friend like Jena to hang out with Finn is that in addition to being able to regularly pawn off the boy so that I can do important things like drink and watch baseball, she also represents one of the few channels through which we are able to extract any real information from him via the regular Q&A sessions through which she puts the kids.

Here's the latest, which she was nice enough to package for me as a ready-made blog post.

On the topic of things that he would wish for, Finn provided the following gems:
I would wish for sugar to not be bad for you. My mom wishes dairy was not bad for her so she could eat it, and sugar too. I wish for my dad that he was my teacher. And I wish my mom was my teacher. I wish we could fly. I'd fly to my house first and do nothing. Actually, I would fly to Key West. I wish my sister could crawl. I wish she could never cry again, like if she touched something she would stop crying... Like a water bottle cap. I wish Grandma Parker's area where she lives didn't have any hurricanes. I wish it would be snowing right now. I wish it would snow all year long. I wish I never got bloody. I wish Myla never called my sister "Itty" cause its not telling the truth. I wish my dad told the truth. He doesn't tell the truth that much. He said my elbow was my armpit. The last thing I wish for is a pet dolphin and a baby nurse shark.... They are not harmless. They don't harm anything.
Kitty thinks I should take that second-to-last comment as a sign that I should stop teasing and/or lying to him.  I think exactly the opposite is true.  I take great pride in the fact that my son can see through my BS.  

After all, he's going to need that skill if he's ever going to survive in this family.

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